Cleaner + Wax 500ml

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1000 ml = 49.90 €

1000 ml = 49.90 €

Captain-Reents Cleaner & Wax cleans, polishes and protects in one step
Fiberglass, gelcoat and painted metal surfaces! With long-term protection!
Captain-Reents Cleaner & Wax with pure extract of orange.
Contains the finest carnauba wax and is only proven
and selected raw materials. Suitable for GfK, gelcoat
all paint and sealed Oberflächen.Vorteile:
- Absolutely resistant to seawater
- Anti-static, shockproof, shampoo hard
- Removes rust
- Deep cleansing and care in one product,
- Beading through the use of high quality carnauba
- Gives new gloss surfaces
- Extremely economical
- Material compatibility
- Increases the value of
Content: 5000 ml

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